Irrigation Technology Division

An additional segment under the companies Kemtrade Ltd. and Kemfac Ltd., the agricultural technology division was established to meet the demands of farmers, producers, and investors for increased production of high-quality and quantity-assured agricultural crops.

Our imported products aim to cover a wide range of needs for farmers, businesses, retailers, and investors. These include drip irrigation systems, micro-sprinkler systems, and sprinkler systems.

Additionally, we are also distributors of water systems for large-scale areas, such as Mechanized Irrigation Systems. Furthermore, we also provide Greenhouse products from both overseas and domestic, while also offering design, installation services for irrigation systems, as well as comprehensive services for greenhouse construction, all incorporating modern irrigation technologies. Post-sales service is also provided.


We offer a wide variety of imported products for sale that encompass all types and methods of plant cultivation. These products originate from Europe, Israel, China, India, and Australia.

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Micro-sprinkler systems
  • Traditional sprinkler systems
  • Mechanized Irrigation Systems
  • Greenhouses

Drip Irrigation

There's a wide variety of options available for selection, catering to suitability, such as Drip Tape, Online Drippers, and Inline Drippers.


There is a diverse range of options available for selection, allowing users to choose according to suitability. These include non-pressure-compensating micro-sprinkler heads and pressure-compensating micro-sprinkler heads.


We offer a variety of sprinklers available for sale, catering to both small and large sizes based on the planting area's requirements.

Mechanized Irrigation System

Suitable for watering large-scale areas, including various field crops such as corn.

Linear Irrigation

Hose Reel Machine


After Sale Service

Rest assured in our post-sales support. We are fully equipped to provide ongoing assistance and guidance throughout your usage


Irrigation Technology Division

68 Soi Chaloem Phrakiat Ratchakarn Thi 9, Soi 34

Nongbon, Prawet, Bangkok, 10250



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